“Somebody has circulated a letter in Urdu using my name as its sender. In this letter your name along with several others from Urdu world, is mentioned and a very foul language has been used. This is to clarify that I did not write this or any other such letter. This is clearly a conspiracy either to harm me or to achieve some other ulterior motive”Jawaid Rahmani

” I am sure he, or his benefactors in the Ministry, will get the said fake letter translated and show it to you for this purpose. Therefore, I request you to identify these black sheep and not to let them succeed in their ulterior motives which may ultimately cause harm to your public image. We know that Kapil Sibal is an abode of many people’s hopes. These hopes are valuable and cannot or should not be shattered for the benefit of small fries like Mr. Bhat.

I hope that this explains my position or my disassociation with the circulated letter, as well as the ulterior motives behind circulating it.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Jawaid Rahmani 



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