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Regarding National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL).

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Dear Minister,

I regret to say that even now the Ministry is not serious about this organization. Instead of appointing a full-fledged director, the Ministry has given additional responsibility of directorship to Dr. Khwaja Md Ekramuddin of JNU for more than a year. Though the post was advertised in April 2012, yet the Ministry did nothing to actually appoint the director. This shows the non-serious attitude of the Ministry towards this organization.

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Therefore, this is to request you to take up the matter of the NCPUL on priority basis and bring its functioning on track. For this a full time director should be appointed without any further delay otherwise we will be forced to approach the court again through filing another PIL questioning the Ministry’s role in the malfunctioning of this organization and sheer wastage of a big portion of the budget allocated for the promotion of Urdu as a minority language.

Regarding functioning the NCPUL I had sent some suggestions through my letter dated March 21, 2012 (a copy is attached as Annexure 2 ). May I request you to let me know whether any action was taken in this regard? And if no action was taken, may I request you to reconsider my proposal.

Annexure  2 :

Regarding National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL).


“This is to express my gratitude to you (on behalf of Urdu-speaking community) for showing the door to Mr Hamiduullah Bhat, the tainted director of NCPUL. Though, this should have been done years ago, but he was being protected by certain people who did not care that their action may bring bad name to you as well. I fear that they are still helping him in one way or the other to get over his loss and their vested interest. If he is given some other assignment by the establishment, it would be most unfortunate because he is a person who could easily be categorized amongst the most corrupt people, in every sense of the word, in India.”Jawaid Rahmani

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Revised letter to HRM regarding training of officials,P-1 Revised letter to HRM regarding training of officials,P-2

“Since learning a language and be well-versed in its fineries and academic world would require years’ endeavor, one cannot expect a bureaucrat to acquire such expertise in a short time. But an academician can easily be trained to learn the nitty-gritty of administration. Therefore, it is my submission that after selecting a director from academia, she/ he must be sent to some training academy (for example of civil servants’) for a two or three month crash course. Or similar alternative could be explored. I also beg to submit that similar measures should be taken to run even the University/College department; the HoD should be provided a couple of weeks’ training before taking charge of the department. Such kinds of arrangements will certainly improve the working of these offices.”
Jawaid Rahmani, President Authors’Anjuman regarding the training of officials